Sunday, September 18, 2016

                                                                    A little info about me
                          Hello my name is Joseph a student at Fortuna high school. Before I write any other blogs I think it is only logical for you as viewers to know a bit of info about my character. First of all, I have strong work ethics as is the reason why I am a considerable worker and student so expect a decent amount of updates around here. Also, I am a big fan of using the internet and will always work on making my blog better for you guys. However I am not a whole package without my set of flaws. First of all, I am terrible at multi-taking so I might get distracted by other things that are not as important. I am a little shy and will hesitate to talk about certain topics. All in all, I am a decent package and will always have my flaws but I will never stop working at things that are important such as making this blog a great experience for all my viewers.

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