Sunday, September 18, 2016

Two of my Idols in all of history!

                                                        Two of my idols in all of History

                                Hello there, today I want to talk about two my idols or heroes in all of history. First of all, my top hero would have to be Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United states who in my mind saved our country as a whole from breaking each other a part. He saved the slaves and helped the government recover from the civil war. He was always a great man and his legacy was carried on by another individual. His name was Martian Luther King Jr. the one who brought whites and blacks together and the one who's famous line was, "I had a dream". He would never give up on his dream of giving everyone equal rights and made America truly free for everyone as it was always meant to be. He always helped those who needed him even after he brought everyone together here in America. Unfortunately, Abe and Luther Jr. were both assassinated but however their legacies and effect on America will never be forgotten. All in all, both of these guys were great men and helped American become the land of the free.


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