Friday, February 10, 2017

My Life Goals, and dreams


                                                   What I want to accomplish in my life.
                Ever since we have been in Kindergarten we have been asked by are parents, and teachers what do you want to do with your life? Life is so valuable to me because although life seems like its going to go on forever we only have a short time on this planet and to waste it is just a bunch of bs. Well, I have decided that I wish to go to a 4 year college or university to obtain a degree that will help me with programming for video games. I love video games, and would rather make one then play one as you not only get great pay so I can sustain myself but also have fun designing it and bring a creation to life, and a creation that others can enjoy and experience. Now, it does not mean I will accomplish this but I have greats amount of confidence in myself, and have taken classes online on programming languages like for example Python and JavaScript. This will also give me a greater understanding of teamwork, and working with various types of people. This will be a crucial role that will help me maintain a strong social role for the rest of my life, long or short. Overall, I do believe I have the work ethics, and spirit to accomplish my career choice, and although it seems like a stretch or me just talking to give myself more pride, it is not, and is fully under my arsenal.

               One of the unfortunate qualities of the human race and life is that there is too many people who just don´t have any compassion for others but themselves, and they rely on electronics rather than their actual voice, and spirit and I wish to make a difference in the future somehow. I myself have been a victim of this as there has been so many people that I have looked up to and tried to connect to but with no success, not even the slightest. If we ignore each other than how are you supposed to negotiate or communicate without using our phones in which we are hiding behind a screen. I don´t want the world to end up this way, and would and if  I could I would make a game showcasing how this could be a problem for our future. You can´t say you had a legitimate conversation with someone until you have talked to them in person. Now, this is not entirely the electronics fault as it is more of the people´s fault and I will admit to talking to people via an electronic or phone because I did not have the mental strength to talk to him/her. However this is a thing that I can improve throughout my lifetime by limiting the use of electronics even in the future when human dependency on electronics will be crucial to our everyday lives. Overall, although it will never happen I wish human beings won´t rely on electronics to talk to people because they don want to use their spirits.